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Upholstery Cleaning Doncaster

If you are looking for upholstery cleaning Doncaster you have come to the right place.

Upholstery cleaning Doncaster
Fabric upholstery cleaners

You can be sure that when we come to clean your sofa, you will get the very best sofa cleaners at local Doncaster prices.

How do we get your upholstery deep down clean

The secret to successful upholstery cleaning is the preperation before we even start to deep clean your upholstery and softy furninshings.

You will find lots upholstery cleaning firms on the internet or even in cleaning leaflets through your door.

But how do you know if the people you hire to clean your sofa will do a great job and not use harsh chemicals that will damage your investment?

One way is to look up their upholstery cleaning qualifications. Are they a member of the National carpet Cleaners Association?

Why does that matter? Being a member assures the client that the cleaning services being offered will be done professionally.

They assure this by insisting on regular training and insurance as a minimum. The company is checked in other ways too.

Are they clear about their upholstery cleaning prices in Doncaster before they come? Or will they charge for extras like stains etc.

Upholstery & sofa cleaning prices in Doncaster

Upholstery cleaning in Doncaster costs £30 per seating position. So a two seater sofa would cost £60.

And to clean a single armchair it would cost £30.

Leather sofa upholstery cleaning Doncaster
Leather sofa cleaning

Our upholstery cleaning service includes leather sofa cleaning. And leather upholstery cleaning to the highest standards.

With a huge amount of experience and having been trained by the top people in the industry such as the National Carpet Cleaning Association and other excellent training organisations such as Woolsafe and The IICRC

Using only the safest chemicals on your valuable furnishings we can carry out a safe deep clean on almost all materials. We do extensive testing before we start and will highlight any issues that we feel you may be interested in.

All the work is done by us and we respect your home and won’t make a mess! We are a family firm living and working in Doncaster, and when we say we do the work ourselves that is exactly what we mean we don’t advertise to get work then pay somebody else to it. It is our company and we treat every piece of furniture as if it were our own.

We will give your sofa upholstery a really deep clean and re condition in around two hours.

Deep Down Upholstery Cleaner

And we mean a deep down sofa clean. It’s a great job.

We start by a really deep vacuum with our professional powerful vacuum machine that is designed for sofa cleaning.

Getting into all the deep places where the crumbs and bits and pieces fall. We get all the damaging grit out that you can’t really see. But is really damaging to your suite because it rubs and wears out the fabric.

The importance of a really deep dry vacuum can not be undestated. It is these tiny pieces of grit that rub together and cut through the strands of fabri that hold you upholstery together.

Remove this sharp soil from the upholstery and it won’t have a chance to damage your favorite sofa. Most upholstery cleaning firms skip this bit and just clean the surface of your soft furnishings.

Look out for that!

Upholstery cleaning service in Doncaster

After this we select an appropriate product for your type of furnishings. Whether it’s a fabric sofa or leather upholstery. We test and make our upholstery cleaner selection based on our training, not what what is printed on some label!

This is really important because using the wrong product can seriously damage your upholstery. We are very well trained to make sure we identify your type of fabric and use the right products.

This is agitated with different machinery. But by hand sometimes depending on the upholstery. After this we use our Sapphire system to flush the whole suite out with clean water. This system is very powerful and does not leave your furniture wringing wet!

Upholstery cleaning Doncaster
Upholstery cleaning Doncaster

Sofa cleaning Doncaster

We invested in this upholstery cleaning system because it does the very best job of deep cleaning your furniture leaving it as dry as possible after a deep clean. The is no sticky invisible residue left like other systems. So it won’t pick up dirt and look grubby again quickly.

In fact, the polymers in the products we use actually slow down the rate of re – soiling. So your upholstery looks and smells great for longer! Don’t worry about damage either. We have been highly trained by the leading upholstery cleaning trainers in the country. But most importantly, we keep this training up.

Upholstery cleaning Doncaster
Upholstery cleaning Doncaster

Upholstery cleaning Doncaster prices.

The answer to how much is sofa cleaning in Doncaster is £30 per seating position.

The answer to how much is sofa cleaning in Doncaster is £30 per seating position. Upholstery cleaning is a specialised skill and must be done by professionals. This is the standard price for sofa cleaning by Doncaster carpet cleaners. Sofa cleaning prices vary from firm to firm. Higher prices doesn’t always mean a better sofa clean.

We have always said that our clients should know the price of upholstery cleaning even before they call us. It’s only fair, we offer a first class service for a very reasonable price in Doncaster.

Cleaning so much upholstery we know how long it will take to deep clean your sofa and soft furnishings. So we don’t need to come around to your home to tell you how much it will cost to clean your sofa!

See our upholstery cleaning prices here – Click

Upholstery cleaning products

All Sofas are different. Some have natural fibres such as cotton and some are synthetic. They all need to be identified and treated in different ways.

Different products are used to release the soil in different ways and different methods are used by sofa cleaners to get around specific issues with the range of fabrics that cover our suites and furniture these days.

All you are interested in really is can we clean your upholstery and , and that can we do it without damaging it at a reasonable price. Well the answer is yes, we can. We have cleaned hundreds of sofas and suites over many years. And we just keep getting better.

We use products that do not leave a sticky residue which just attracts more dirt when we have gone. We use micro splitting technology that does not have a detergent or bleach component.

This is the modern way to clean car upholstery and we consistently get great results.

So if you are looking for a well trained, professional sofa cleaner in Doncaster. Call us!

How often should I have my upholstery cleaned?

You should have you upholstery cleaned about once a year in a normal household. If you have a very large family, perhaps a bit more often. But we advise that a normal household should be fine with a deep clean and antibacterial treatment once a year.

We include antibacterial treatment in our price for sofa cleaning. It is important to help the control of bacteria and germs going around the family home.

Professional sofa cleaners in Doncaster

By professional sofa cleaners we mean just that. We have invested heavily in professional upholstery cleaning training and we use the most up to date equipment and sofa cleaning products.

But not only that. We have many years of experience and lots of happy clients in Doncaster.

Your upholstery is important to you. That’s why you are taking the time to dig deep and find the right local firm for your needs. We are a local Doncaster family firm. We don’t take people on and let them loose on your sofa. And we only clean upholstery in Doncaster and DN post codes. So you can be sure of a great service.

Upholstery cleaning is one of the most difficult things to do yourself in the home. Next to carpet cleaning and leather cleaning. But we do of course deep clean and re protect leather furniture too.

Highly trained upholstery cleaners in Doncaster

Upholstery fibres come in all shapes and sizes. You can’t just use the same products on all fabrics like some people try to do. For example, there are natural fibres and synthetics. There are mixes of the two. Get this wrong and your suite is finished. But don’t forget. We don’t just do a great job making it look good.

We use the very best sofa cleaning products and this combined with our ongoing training program makes our upholstery cleaning service the best in Doncaster.

Leather upholstery cleaning Doncaster

Leather cleaning is a specialised skill and leather sofas come in many grades and types. Some of the synthetic leathers are so good we use a microscope to determine whether it is real leather or synthetic.

The products for leather upholstery cleaning are many and varied. It takes a long time to be able to learn the art of leather suite cleaning to the level where it is possible to offer it as a service.

As with fabric upholstery cleaning, we test and analyse your leather sofa before we do anything. This is very important. If the wrong products are used it can cause lasting damage, and nobody wants that!

We clean the suite thoroughly and we condition the leather for you. Feeding your leather sofa to avoid it cracking is very important and we do all that as part of the leather sofa cleaning service we offer.

This makes the furniture last much longer and keep its great appearance for much longer too.

So when you need Leather cleaning in Doncaster, just give us a call on 01302 272701or see our leather cleaning price list

Are we an upholstery cleaning franchise?

No we are not. Therefore you can be sure that when you pay us to deep clean your upholstery, you are paying only for us to do the work. We are not a franchise and so we do not have to pay for advertising or fancy sales people and managers.

You get us, highly trained and local. we only serve Doncaster and all our prices are on this web site. Click here for sofa cleaning prices in Doncaster

So rest assured that you are getting fantastic value for money and that you are using a local Doncaster family firm for your upholstery cleaning needs.

Upholstery cleaning Doncaster – Removing damaging grit.

All the soil that we remove will help slow down the rate of ware. This keeps it from looking tatty for much longer. When we leave, your upholstery is bacteria free too. It will have no dust mutes that irritate the lungs and it will smell fresh and look great. But that’s not all. The products we use contain polymers that actually slow down the re soiling process. It’s worth saying twice!

It’s interesting technology. But basically, it leaves a slight polymer coating on the fibre. This helps dry soiling release easier with your usual vacuuming. Keeping your upholstery cleaner for longer. Also, the residue encapsulates itself on drying and leaves no sticky soil attracting residue.

You get all this as standard with the service we provide in Doncaster. And more!

Don’t forget, we are fully trained and insured upholstery cleaners in Doncaster. We are here to give your sofa the very best clean possible.

In conclusion, your sofa will be fresh smelling, looking great and will be envy of your friends. We are fully trained in leather cleaning and provide a free survey telling you what we can and what we can’t do with your leather sofa.

Call us today on: 07902 197555 or text us with what you need doing and we will text you right back with a price.

It’s that simple!

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