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Leather cleaning and repair Doncaster

For a successful and lasting Leather cleaning and repair Doncaster you need to find the very best trained leather technicians and people that use the finest leather cleaning and repair products they can get hold of.

Leather cleaning and repair Doncaster – Watch the leather repair video

That’s us. With us, we just do the very best clean or repair we can at a sensible price. We don’t use materials that will fail within a short time and we don’t charge the earth for our services. Watch the video at the bottom of the page. It’s amazing what we can do for your leather sofa and leather goods.

In fact, Because we use the best leather materials and cleaners. It means that we can do a better job, quicker. It always works that way with trades. It’s just cheaper, quicker and a better finish investing in the best in the first place.

Leather cleaning and repair Doncaster – What can we repair and clean?

Leather cleaning and repair. So what do we do exactly? Well the cleaning really speaks for itself. But what most people don’t realise is that when we clean. We deep clean. And then we re protect your valuable leather investment. Why?

Because very simply. Your leather sofa or car seat will have come from the tannery in it’s processed state.

It does not come in red, blue or black! What happens is that it is prepared and is pigmented. To every day folk, that’s painted!

Leather re colouring Doncaster

It is spray painted with undercoats and various processes. Finally, when all that is done it is coated with a protector. Usually several coats of leather protector. We do much the same process for your leather furniture or goods.

This forms a barrier between your clothes, pets or anything else that rubs the leather. The idea of the leather protector is to wear away instead of the coloured pigment.

Because when the pigment is exposed. It will rub down to the undercoats. Finally onto the bare leather sofa or car seat.

When we deep clean your leather sofa or chair we will always finish with new coats of the leather protector. So that you don’t get into a situation where the orange or grey undercoat is showing through. And the leather is wearing away.

It’s the same when we re colour or re pigment your leather goods. We always finish with leather protector.

Highly trained local Doncaster leather technicians

Repairing and cleaning leather properly is not something that can be picked up over night. It is a specific trade that has many facets to learn about.

Most people start on the cleaning side then take more and more courses on the leather repair side. It is fascinating, but a difficult subject to master. That is why there are not so many people around doing it.

Leather cleaning and repair Doncaster

Leather cleaning and repair Doncaster

You will most likely find people advertising leather repair in Doncaster. But they may well be just part of a franchise. These big franchises charge high prices for the leather repair and cleaning work. They have to. The cost of buying a franchise and paying all the fees every month can be staggering.

We are not a franchise. We live and work in Doncaster. If someone from Sheffield needs a leather repair service. They wont be getting us unfortunately. We only serve the Doncaster area.

Watch the leather repair video

Because training is of the utmost importance. Leather goods are expensive and one really needs to understand the subject. WE take regular courses on all manner of the leather repair industry. It is never ending. Everything from classic car seats through leather hand bag and jacket repair to every day sofas and furniture.

Call, email or text us at any time for leather furniture repair.

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