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Sofa cleaning products

Sofa cleaning products are many and varied. The choice is staggering in Doncaster shops. But what do you need to know before you buy Sofa cleaning products and what do you need to be careful of.

Sofa cleaning products – What is in them that will damage your sofa?

Quite a bit really. If you use the wrong product you can fade your sofa and weaken the fabric. This is not what you want because as the fabric gets weaker, it will give way and you will have holes in your suite.

So how do you know what is in the product. Well before we come to that, lets look at the material your sofa is made up of. Do you need to know that? Yes, you do! And the reason why is that there are some fabrics, like Viscose Rayon for example that don’t like water at all and will flatten and and burst. This ruins the look of the suite it looks very bad after that.

Sofa cleaning products

Sofa cleaning products

Sofa cleaning products – Test the sofa fabric first

That was just one example. There are all sorts of ways to ruin a nice sofa. But testing the material to see what it is first is the answer to not ending up with a sofa that is ready for the skip.

How do we do that? One way is the burn test. Take a strand of the fabric from the sofa and burn it. Different materials burn in different ways. Some burn quickly, some burn slowly. Different colours can be seen with different fabrics and the ash forms in various ways.

Some have a hard bead at the end of the process, while some are sooty. All these things give us a clue as the what your sofa material is made of. Once you understand what the fabric is. then you can start to look for products. Not the other way around.

Sofa cleaning products – Different ways to clean a suite

There are a number of methods that you can employ to clean your sofa. One is wet cleaning which involves the use of a hot water extraction machine. There are several steps to go through before you even touch the machine. But that is one popular method.

Dry cleaning upholstery is needed if the material is made up of some fibres. And foam cleaning is another. All of these methods have different results. The most important thing at this stage is that you know the fabric type.

For more information contact us. We are a local Doncaster sofa cleaning family firm. So you can trust us to do a great job cleaning your sofa.

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