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Sofa upholstery cleaner Doncaster

Looking for a sofa upholstery cleaner Doncaster, well you have found us. We will make your sofa upholstery look great again and smell fresh. We deep clean it with our unique sapphire upholstery cleaning system which injects the products right into the fabric. It then pulls it back out in almost the same moment. This ensures that your sofa is not left wringing wet. But still gets a really deep down clean.

Sofa upholstery cleaner Doncaster – Using the best products

Using the most appropriate products for cleaning your upholstery is vital. If a high alkali general sofa cleaner is used it may not be good for your furniture. People still use these type of cleaners because it makes the job easy. This is not what you want. It can weaken the fabric leading very quickly to holes in your sofa.

We have been highly trained by some of the best trainers in the industry over the years. Its very important to keep the training up. The furniture industry is always brining out new fabrics. Some of them are very difficult to clean and need special products and techniques. There is a lot of new fabrics out there that are actually made from paper pulp. They look like real material. But can you imagine using water and chemicals on one!

Sofa upholstery cleaner Doncaster
Sofa upholstery cleaner Doncaster

Disaster, and the sort of upholstery cleaners that would make that result are unlikely to be covered by insurance. It is very important to find out before hand what qualifications the person has that will clean your upholstery. Nit just the firm. Firms employ people on minimum wage. It’s natural for them to want to get finished quickly, and not be too bothered about the results.

Sofa upholstery cleaner Doncaster – Upholstery cleaner near me

Being a local family firm, we are just down the road from you. Quite literally. Our area is Doncaster. Just that, we don’t go off to Sheffield or Barnsley. Doncaster is our town and we live and work here. Over the years we have cleaned upholstery and leather upholstery for hundreds of clients. Most book us again. So we are always booking around two weeks ahead. We may have the odd cancellation though. So it’s always worth calling to see.

Training is very important to us as I mentioned earlier. I have also found it’s also important to our clients to see the same people each time. Well you will. It’s just us. We never employ people to do our upholstery cleaning. You will always get us, no matter what. Besides, people that are well enough trained to clean upholstery well are usually self employed.

Sofa upholstery cleaner Doncaster
Sofa upholstery cleaner Doncaster

Sofa upholstery cleaner Doncaster – What are the benefits of upholstery cleaning?

Most people would naturally think that the best thing about having the sofa cleaned is that it will look great and smell fresh after it’s done. Well that’s true. But did you know that your upholstery. No matter what sort of material it’s made of will collect all the dead skin cells, the dust and all sorts of allergens than most things.

It is a fact that body oils, pieces of food, pollen etc all collect in the fabric and have an effect on your life. The pollutants and bacteria that cling to your clothes from the outside drop onto the sofa. But it does not stop there. This bacteria breeds. It’s an ideal breeding place. All warm and snug. This is where the cold that seems never to leave you lives. It goes around and around.

When we deep clean your upholstery we leave it bacteria free. It stops there. It can’t breed if it’s dead and has been removed by our machinery. This is one of the major benefits. Your health is very important to us. So we use the very best anti bacterial products available to ensure that your sofa not only look clean. It is bacteria free.

Sofa upholstery cleaner Doncaster – A long history

We started cleaning upholstery and carpets back in the 90’s. This was before the internet and mobile phones became popular. In those days it was all word of mouth. These days we have face book and the world wide web. Is that all god? Probably not. But one positive thing did come out of it. You can go and look at reviews left by ordinary people. These can’t be made up if there are lots of them. So that’s a good thing.

One of the down sides to the internet is that a lot of the information is either not accurate. Or even totally un true. I have seen you tube videos of people tell people to use washing up liquid to clean their upholstery for example. Well just to put that one to bed. If you use a sticky detergent to clean your sofa. You can not get rinse it through.

What is left is a sticky residue that your cant really see. But is there like a piece of glue attracting all the dirt and dust from around the room. It will attract so much soil that it will look bad. Then you clean it again. This just puts more sticky residue into the fabric. And it goes on. It’s best not to believe everything on You Tube.

Sofa upholstery cleaner Doncaster – Free quotes

It takes just a minute to call us and see what we can do and what we charge. But better than that. We believe that people want to know what the prices are before they call. So we have them set out on the upholstery cleaning Doncaster prices page.

It’s better for me too. I know that most of the time when the phone goes it’s because someone has seen the web site, knows what we do and what we charge. It’s just a booking.

So when you need a sofa upholstery cleaner Doncaster just give us a call or email us or text or any of the ways below.

Call today: 07902 197555

Text a quote: 07902 197555

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