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Upholstery cleaners Doncaster

Being a family firm of upholstery cleaners Doncaster living and working in the town. We do a first class job at every day Doncaster prices. We do not make the prices up as we go along, the price list is always on this web site. click here to see them or click above on the prices tab when you have finished reading this.

Upholstery cleaners Doncaster – Video.

Of course, we are very well trained by the very best training schools in the upholstery cleaners industry. We don’t stop there however. We make sure that we keep up with the ever changing fabrics that come out to cover furniture. This is very important because without understanding the material it can be a recipe for disaster.

Upholstery cleaners need to keep current. Training is very important because of all the new fabrics coming out all the time. Viscose for example will look like a drowned rat if you don’t kn ow how to clean it properly. It does not like water, but if the upholstery cleaning expert really knows what he is doing. It is possible to get great results. But if not, the suite is ruined.

Laura Ashley brings new fabrics and materials to the market every year. These are wonderful to look at and use. However, if you don’t know how to test the fabric for it’s fibre makeup. And don’t know how to clean these materials. The risks are high.

In fact, call them to find out how to clean one of their fabrics. The answer will most likely be, get a specialist or fabric cleaning professional to clean the suite. That’s a fair enough as an answer. You do need professionally trained upholstery cleaners to clean any suite.

Shrinkage and colour change problems arise when cleaning technicians are not trained properly. The does not happen with Upholstery cleaners Doncaster. But you can be safe in the knowledge that your valuable furniture will be treated with respect. You are in good hands with us.

Upholstery cleaners Doncaster – cleaning chemicals

There is no need to worry about the chemical we use either. We use British made chemicals from a firm in Devon. It is important to us that we use the very best upholstery cleaning chemicals that we can. And our chemicals are plant based and whilst being at the cutting edge of upholstery cleaning technology they are perfectly safe for you, your family and your pets.

We can remove pet odours and we leave your sofa in a bacteria free condition. Because we use the NHS recommended formula 429 as part of our process. This gets rid of all the bacteria and everything from HIV to the flu. So when you want to be double sure that your sofa is deep down clean. call us in.

Upholstery cleaners Doncaster – equipment

Again we feel it is important to use the very best in British made upholstery cleaning equipment. This is important to you because your sofa will be clean and dry in the fastest possible time period. This not only makes it an easy process for you but it gets rid of the potential mould problems that leaving upholstery wet for long periods can bring.

Machinery plays an important part in the upholstery cleaning process. When we are wet cleaning, we use the sapphire system to get right down into the fibres and with this system we get most of the cleaning fluid back out.

This is important because of the reduced drying times. We need the sofa to get dry as quickly as possible. Otherwise it can attract mould. Which is very bad for you. We are trained in all this. It’s not just a person with a machine that will turn up.

We never use outside people as upholstery cleaners. There is too much to go wrong! You will get us every time. Like I said, we are a local, Doncaster family firm or professionally trained upholstery cleaning technicians.

You can trust us to do a great job at local Doncaster prices.

So when you need Upholstery cleaners Doncaster give us a call on 01302 272701

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upholstery cleaners doncaster

upholstery cleaners doncaster

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